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Dating a narcissist

Armed with a false sense of security in the hands of celebrity plastic surgeon, I went one step further and had my crows’ feet and more of my forehead injected to get an even stronger brow lift. The results were a little harsher than I wanted, but I still liked my glamorous lifted new look. 6 months later, my first Botox party (more on that later).Despite the doctor’s excellent credentials, I had too much Pinot Grigio and didn’t tell him about my earlier Botox injections, so wound up with more than I needed.Publicity, advertising and having a skin care line does not mean the doctor is genius injector. But whatever you do, no med spa without a doctor on premises, no aestheticians and certainty not your dentist who up until now just checked your teeth.Rather it means they have good marketing instincts, a crack publicist and social media guru with a good understanding of SEO. I have a firm stance on this because it’s incredibly easy to become trained and licensed to inject Botox in little over a weekend.

Once you’ve narrowed down from that criteria, make sure they’re a “high volume” injector meaning they’ve been injecting for over 5 years and come up close to the top in Allergan’s website doctor search engine (Allergan is the parent company of Botox).

However, places like the forehead can have multiple areas.

For example, if I wanted my “11s”, horizontal forehead lines and crows feet treated and my doctor charged 0 per area (again Manhattan prices), I would walk out with a bill of 00. Just because a doctor approaches his pricing this way doesn’t mean he/she is a bad injector, but I’ve always found I pay for more than I need. Nor is it more cost efficient (one of the main reasons women get too much). Make sure you stay upright for at least 2-4 hours post Botox. I was cheating on all my Botox doctors, meaning I switched doctors, didn’t share my injection history and had less than 6 months between each one, I was getting more Botox than I needed.

Also, don’t underestimate the innate talent of the injector; meaning a plastic surgeon isn’t necessarily better than a dermatologist at injecting, nor are either of them necessarily any better than a licensed nurse practitioner with many years of experience.

The important take away here is that just because your dermatologist saved you from that melanoma or you know a plastic surgeon that does brilliant reconstruction on accident victims, none of this is a guarantee that they’ll be any good at Botox.

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5 months later, after my first injection began to wear off, I began to think more was better.

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